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Slick Scroll
for WordPress

The plugin will make your visitor’s experience smooth. It makes the mouse wheel scroll movement smoother when they scroll down to any page on your site. 

This page scroll more smoothly with Slick Scroll plugin.

Key Features

Our plugin has numerous simple to advanced features.
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Without Jerky Effects

It is a smooth scrolling, parallax-style plugin that gives your website an awesome feel with super-smooth scrolling.

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Full Keyboard Support

Now you can scroll Smoothly from the keyboard. Arrow keys, PgUp/PgDown, Spacebar, Home/End.

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Mobile Friendly

Slick Scroll is a simple and easy way to create a responsive parallax scrolling site, that looks great on any device.

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Cross-Browser Support

All major browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc. Does not matter which browser users view your site.

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Native JavaScript

Custom scrollbar uses native vanilla JavaScript for enhanced performance and reliability, without jQuery or other libraries.


What do you Receive with Slick Scroll Plugin?

Slick Scroll is a premium plugin that gives your website a smooth scrolling effect. It is the smoothest and most customizable plugin in the market and it will help you in making your website look great!
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Attractiveness of the Site

Slick Scroll is a great plugin to enhance the customers' browsing experience on your website. The plugin adds smooth scrolling to any website and provides you with an incredible number of options.

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Increase Conversion Rate

Slick Scroll is a unique solution for your WordPress site. It will help you to create a website with an amazing scrolling experience, which attracts more visitors, makes them stay longer, and increase the conversion rate.

Really Smooth Scrolling Site

Handy little plugin that helps you to create smooth scrolling effects on your WordPress site, with minimum efforts. It can be used in any kind of web project, to enhance the user experience.

Site Scrolling without Jerky and Clunky Effects

The Slick Scroll plugin will make your WordPress site cool by making the scroll movement of the mouse wheel smooth. Making Google Chrome And WebKit Based Browsers Scroll Smoother.

More Amazing Features

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